FERRY is an installation artist, musician, producer, and collaborator. Since leaving the corporate world of graphic and web design 3 years ago to actively pursue her craft full-time, Ferry spends her time developing her own solo works (aside from composing and playing in four bands), crafting her brand, aesthetic and skills as an artist.

Her work ranges from collaborative performances with various musicians to large-scale installations and devised works. Focusing on developing good ideas and stories regardless of the form, this creative producer hopes to develop and grow her vision to showcase sound in a whole new light as well as devise pieces to challenge and change perspectives surrounding social issues. As a teaching artist, she firmly believes in passing on knowledge, engaging the community and sharing ideas.

Thriving on collaboration as a vital process, she sees her “finished” works as a work-in-progress, opening it up to other artists who can share, use or develop upon the initial idea. This allows every work to evolve by involving other artists and disciplines, providing more opportunities for exploration and growth.

FERRY believes that art is most powerful when it is used as an educative tool and to create opportunities for others. To look beyond the forms and mediums so as to encourage curiosity, experimentation, failure and embracing the unknown.

Her personal ethos is “whatever best serves the idea”.

A stalwart in the local music scene since 2001, Kelvin is well versed as a guitarist playing a unique blend of ambient rock, hip-hop, funk, soul and jazz. He was also the main songwriter and music director for the now defunct 9-piece band, SIXX. To date, he has done tours in New Zealand, Hong Kong, France, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand and Malaysia.

In 2015, after an attempt to build his own studio acoustic furniture, he taught himself to work wood with traditional hand-tools and has since undertaken commissions for 12 studios and homes, building and installing his line of acoustic panels and diffusers, as well as one of a kind furniture built with traditional joinery. He has since been featured with UNIQLO, Home & Decor and Square Rooms as a woodworker.

Together with Edric, they run EHKAF, building custom sound panels from premium materials.

SKY KAVE sees his first foray into installation art, developing and designing with wood for art.

One of the founders of Singapore-based music and audio post production company, GRYD, Edric Hwang has worked with Grammy-award winning A Cappella group Pentatonix, Grammy-nominated artist Hunter Hayes and also has credits on American Idol contestant Nate Tao’s EP, and American Vocal Pop group The Exchange’s EP.
He currently works with many acts such as Derrick Hoh, Kelly Poon, Micappella from major labels such as Warner Music and Universal Music.
Edric graduated with a BSc Degree in Recording Arts from Full Sail University in Orlando FL, USA and has received several awards from the university. While at Full Sail, he has had the privilege to study under producers and engineers such as Jules Gondar (Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Carrie Underwood) and Darren Schneider (Deep Purple, Scorpions, Snow Patrol), as well as game audio designer Tom Todia (Sony, Electronic Arts).
While in the US, Edric has also work with producers and engineers such as David Mikeal (A&M Records, Parc Records), Peter Thornton (Limp Bizkit, Paramore, Shinedown) and Trace Thomas (Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails).

Rong Zhao is a freelance audio engineer and sound designer. Since 2003, he has engineered, recorded and designed for shows and various projects, from installations to live performances, from theatre to recording for orchestras and bands.

His notable forays into interactive and computer music has led to him working on “The Canopy”(2011) together with PerMagnus Lindborg and Joyce Beetuan Koh. The piece was exhibited at the International Computer Music Conference (2011) and World Stage Design (2013).

He hopes to continue the exploration of the unseen world of sound.